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Opening URL links from the task list

You can open web addresses directly from the task list in a campaign if the URLs in the data to be managed are of the types HTTP(s), MailTo, HDFS, and data URLs.

Before you begin

  • A user with the permissions to create and manage data models has assigned the right semantic types to the URL columns in the data model used by the campaign:
    • URL for web page addresses
    • MailTo URL for email addresses
    • HDFS URL for HDFS file system addresses
    • Data URL for addresses prefixed with the data: schema
  • A user with the permissions to design, deploy and run Talend Jobs has loaded the tasks in the campaign.


  1. On the Tasks page, click the name of the campaign which has the URL column(s).
  2. Point to a URL and click the icon that displays.
    Information noteNote: In the Arbitration and Grouping campaigns, the icon displays on all URL fields without exception. While for the Merging and Resolution campaigns, the icon does not display in invalid or empty fields.

    You are directed to a new window where you can proceed with the action relevant to the URL you clicked, for example sending an email or navigating through a web site.

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