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Restoring Talend Dictionary Service

Once you back up Talend Dictionary Service, you can recover the data at any time and have an exact copy of the backed up instance.


  1. Stop your Talend Dictionary Service instance.
    You can do the backup while the instance is running, but you are advised to choose a period of low activity.
  2. Launch MongoDB.
  3. Open a command prompt window and execute the following command to delete the database in the current instance of Talend Dictionary Service:
    <Installation_path>/mongodb/bin/mongo <dbname>  -u <userName> -p <userPassword> --eval "db.dropDatabase()"
    If you installed Talend Data Preparation Talend Data Stewardship with Talend Dictionary Service using Talend Installer, the command reads as follows:
    <Installation_path>/mongodb/bin/mongo dqdict -u dqdict-user -p duser --eval "db.dropDatabase()"
  4. Replace the dump folder of the current instance stored at <path_to_installation_folder>/dq_dict/database/ with the dump folder you got from the back up procedure.
  5. From a command prompt window, execute the command to import the backup directory of the Dictionary service named dump:


    on Windows:


    on Linux:
  6. To restore your configuration, replace the content of the <Installation_path>/dq_dict/apache-tomcat/conf folder with your backed up copy.


The Talend Dictionary Service instance is recovered.

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