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Always Check the Camel Documentation First

When designing a Route always make sure you check the Camel documentation ( to find out what is available for you to use. In many cases this will save a lot of time, work and will provide better performance.

A developer wanted to move a file from an input folder to a working directory. He designed this step with a separate Route and two cFile components. This approach had a couple of major drawbacks.

Instead of moving the file via a fast file system operation, the file was read into a stream (the first cFile component) and then written from that stream into a second file (the second cFile component). This basically meant making a copy of the file and then deleting the original.

A look into the Apache Camel File component documentation would have told the developer to use the preMove setting of the file component, which would have been much faster and the whole Route design would have been much simpler.

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