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Authentication with Talend ESB

Authentication can be enabled for the Atom REST interface of the TESB Authorization XACML Policy Registry by editing the container configuration file etc/org.talend.esb.authorization.xacml.registry.service.cfg. The content of this file is as follows:
# Authentication method BASIC,NO
pap.authentication = NO

Setting pap.authentication to BASIC means that REST clients of the registry must use HTTP Basic Authentication to call the registry. Credentials are authenticated using JAAS.

After authentication is enabled, you need to configure the communication between PDP and the authorization registry in the etc/org.talend.esb.authorization.pdp.cfg file:
# Authentication method BASIC,NO
authentication = NO
username = karaf
password = karaf

Change the authentication value to BASIC so that PDP can read policies from the registry.

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