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Configuring ActiveMQ Web Console

When an ActiveMQ broker is running, an ActiveMQ Web Console is automatically created in the same VM or container. Similarily, starting an ActiveMQ Web Console with no configuration specified will create a broker embedded in the same VM or container. However, to increase reliability, you may wish to run the Web Console in a separate container from the broker.

In the Talend Runtime, the ActiveMQ Web Console is pre-configured to connect to a broker running within another Talend Runtime via tcp. So by default, it does not create its own embedded broker.

The pre-configured properties are enabled when installing the Talend Runtime and are in the <container>/etc/org.apache.activemq.webconsole.cfg file:



  • webconsole.jms.url is the URL of the broker
  • webconsole.jmx.url is the JMX URL of the Talend Runtime.
Information noteNote: If any configuration changes are made, the container will need to be restarted for them to take effect.

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