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Lookup one endpoint on the Service Locator server

Lookup one endpoint for a given service.

Parameters: fully qualified encoded service name, required user defined properties (optional).

Return: one WS-Addressing EPR, for an endpoint that provides the service and fulfills the required properties. If several endpoints match select one randomly. If none exists return WebApplicationException and status 404.

The Lookup one endpoint for given Service operation is described in LocatorService.wadl as follows:

<resource path="endpoint/{serviceName}">
  <method name="GET" id="lookupEndpoint">
      <param name="serviceName" type="xsd:string" style="template"
          required="true" />
      <param name="param" type="xsd:string" style="matrix"
          repeating="true" />
    <response status="200">
      <representation mediaType="application/xml" 
      <representation mediaType="application/json" 

Example of request url with GET method: locator/endpoint/{namespaceURI}localPart?p=key1,value1;p=key2,value2;p=key3,value3. Note that any / in the namespaceURI has to be replaced with %2F, and that { and } that wraps the namespaceURI need to be replaced by %7B and %7D.

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