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Moving from Event Logging to Event Monitoring

Event Logging is deprecated from the 7.3.1 R2021-04 Monthly update delivered by Talend and removed from 8.0 R2023-07 onwards. If you were using Event Logging, you can follow these steps to move from Event Logging to Event Monitoring:


  1. Start Talend Runtime.
    1. Go to Talend Runtime home directory ${karaf.home}.
    2. Execute /bin/trun.bat (on Windows) or /bin/ (on Linux).
  2. Start Talend LogServer.
    1. Go to the Talend LogServer home directory logserv.
    2. Execute start_logserver.bat (on Windows) or (on Linux).
  3. Stop Event Logging by executing command tesb:stop-el-default on Talend Runtime console.
  4. Start Event Monitoring by executing command tesb:start-em-default on Talend Runtime console.
  5. Prepare the filebeat configuration.
    1. Edit the ${karaf.home}/etc/filebeat_em.yml file.
    2. Update ${LOG_PATH:${karaf.home}/data/eventmonitoring/em*.log.
    3. Save the ${karaf.home}/etc/filebeat_em.yml file.
  6. Start Filebeat server.
    1. Go to the logserv/filebeat directory using Command Line.
    2. Execute command filebeat -e -${karaf.home}/etc/filebeat_em.yml.
  7. Access Kibana from http://localhost:5601/app/kibana.
    All the events can be seen on the respective dashboards.

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