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Referencing WS-Policy resources within Service Registry

This section describes how WS-Policy resources (including Policy Attachments) can be associated to subjects (WSDLs), referenced from other Policy objects, and retrieved for a given subject.

To associate a policy

To associate a WS-Policy resource with the subjects to which they apply in Talend Service Registry, an External Policy Attachment mechanism is used. Further, URI Domain Expressions are used to define the scope of the policy:

<wsp:PolicyAttachment xmlns:wsp="">
        <wsp:URI>xs:anyURI</wsp:URI> *
  ( <wsp:Policy>...</wsp:Policy>
    | <wsp:PolicyReference>...</wsp:PolicyReference> )

The following describes the format for the domain expression URI according to WSDL 1.1 Element Identifiers:


The possible Fragment Identifiers for pointer-part are:

  • wsdl11.service(service)

  • wsdl11.bindingOperation(binding/operation)

    Note that different namespaces and operations are presently not supported for binding.

Information noteNote: When a WSDL subject to which a WS-policy resource is associated gets deleted, this associated WS-Policy attachment will be removed too.

To reference a policy

To reference an external WS-Policy document from another policy (either WS-Policy or PolicyAttachment) document, a standard Policy References mechanism is used:

<wsp:PolicyReference URI="http://some.domain/policy/samlToken.policy"/>

A Name attribute placed on the Policy root element is used to identify the WS-Policy resource within the registry, as shown below. In case a Name attribute was not provided at the time of being imported into the Talend Service Registry, one will be automatically generated with the urn:uuid schema.

<wsp:Policy Name="http://some.domain/policy/samlToken.policy">
Information noteNote: When a policy to which a WS-policy document is referenced gets deleted, this referenced WS-Policy document will be removed too.

To do a policy lookup

To have policy lookup operation performed successfully a resolvable in the Talend Service Registry URI should be provided in its <wsp:PolicyReference>.

Finally, a policy lookup operation contains all policy attachment documents associated with the service. All policies referenced directly (from the policy attachment document) or transitively (from referenced policies) will be embedded in the result policy attachment document. A fault is returned for the case where a referenced policy cannot be resolved.

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