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Metric criteria

This section describes the default metrics for CXF, Camel and ActiveMQ in Talend ESB, and the criteria for them signalling a state change in Nagios.

All states for Nagios checks are categorized as OK, WARNING, CRITICAL and UNKNOWN. For additional information about Nagios states see the State types in Nagios documentation.

Some examples of these states are:

  • All Fault metrics indicate a warning state if 1 fault has occured and a critical state if 100 faults have occured.
  • Multicheck AnyFaults is used for fault status indication.
  • All countable metrics indicate a warning state if a count of 1,000,000 reached. It can be tuned for specific needs.
  • All memory usage metrics indicate a warning state when 80% of memory is used and CRITICAL if 90%.

Here is a complete metric semantics table:

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