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Using alternative JMX serviceURL for the Talend Runtime Container

The Talend Runtime Container allows you to change the default JMX serviceURL to an alternative one.

The default JMX serviceURL is defined in the <TalendRuntimePath>/container/etc/ configuration file as shown below:

serviceUrl = service:jmx:rmi://${rmiServerHost}:${rmiServerPort}/jndi/rmi://${rmiRegistryHost}:${rmiRegistryPort}/karaf-${}

To use an alternative URL, just change this field as needed. For example:

serviceUrl = service:jmx:rmi://${rmiServerHost}:${rmiServerPort}/jndi/rmi://${rmiRegistryHost}:${rmiRegistryPort}/jmxrmi

It is only recommended to do this change if the external system you want to use to communicate with Talend Runtime via JMX requires a specific form of this URL. Once this serviceURL is changed in the Talend Runtime Container, you also have to change the server definition in the Servers page of the Talend Administration Center to provide the full serviceURL. For more information, see the description for the Instance field in the section on configuring execution servers in the Talend Administration Center User Guide. Note that the Talend Administration Center is only available in the subscription versions of the Talend ESB.

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