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Advanced configuration

If the basic Hazelcast configuration in <$INSTALLDIR>/conf/mdm.conf is not enough for your practical usage, you can make the advanced configuration


  1. Browse to the file <TomcatPath>/webapps/talendmdm/WEB-INF/beans.xml and open it.
  2. Locate the Hazelcast configuration part.
     <hz:config id="hzConfig">
            <hz:network port="${}" port-auto-increment="${}">
                    <hz:multicast enabled="${hz.multicast.enabled}"/>
                    <hz:tcp-ip enabled="${hz.tcp-ip.enabled}">
    Note that the values of the parameters provided in beans.xml will be fetched from their counterparts defined in the mdm.conf file.
  3. Update the file beans.xml with additional Hazelcast settings according to your needs. For more information, refer to
  4. Save your changes to the beans.xml file.

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