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Configuring Talend Data Stewardship to support Kerberized Apache Kafka

You can set up Talend Data Stewardship to work with an external Kerberized Apache Kafka.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the following resources:

  • Client Kerberos configuration file: krb5.conf
  • JAAS Kerberos configuration file: kafka_client_jaas.conf
  • Kerberos keytab file: hostname.keyTab
  • JKS truststore: krb5.truststore


  1. Create an <install_dir>/kafka-kerberos/ directory and copy the below files into it:
    • krb5.conf
    • kafka_client_jaas.conf
    • hostname.keyTab
    • krb5.truststore
  2. Add the below java options to the <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/bin/ file:<install_dir>/kafka-kerberos/kafka_client_jaas.conf<install_dir>/kafka-kerberos/krb5.conf
  3. Open the <install_dir>/kafka-kerberos/kafka_client_jaas.conf file and check that the keyTab property is as below:
  4. Edit the <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/bin/conf/ file to add or edit the following lines:

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