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Installing Talend Dictionary Service


  1. Add mongo to the PATH environment variable.
  2. Create the dqdict database in MongoDB using the following command: use dqdict.
  3. Create the following user for the dqdict database in MongoDB:
    • Username: dqdict-user

    • Password: duser

    To do this, you can use the following command:
    db.createUser( { user: "dqdict-user", pwd: "duser", roles: [{ role: "readWrite", db: "dqdict"}]})
  4. Stop your Apache Tomcat instance if it was automatically started.
  5. Unzip the to a dq_dict folder.
  6. Remove the contents of the <Tomcat>/webapps folder.
  7. Create a <Tomcat>/app folder and copy the dataquality-semantic-producer-A.B.C.war file from dq_dict.
  8. Copy the file contained in dq_dict/context to <Tomcat>/conf/Catalina/localhost.
  9. Copy the configuration file contained in dq_dict/config to <Tomcat>/conf.

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