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Installing the Talend Runtime service on systemd-based Linux systems

Before you begin

In the following procedure:
  • TALEND-CONTAINER is the name that was used for the -n <Service Name> option in the wrapper:install command.
  • <TalendRuntimePath> is the Talend Runtime installation directory.

All the following commands must be executed with super-user privileges.


  1. Install the service and enable it at system boot:
    systemctl enable <TalendRuntimePath>/bin/TALEND-CONTAINER.service
  2. Start the service:
    systemctl start TALEND-CONTAINER


The service is installed and started.
You can use the following commands to manage the service:
  • To stop the service: systemctl stop TALEND-CONTAINER
  • To check the current service status: systemctl status TALEND-CONTAINER
  • To see service activity journal: journalctl -u TALEND-CONTAINER
  • To uninstall the service and disable it at system boot: systemctl disable TALEND-CONTAINER

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