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Installing Talend Studio with the Talend Studio Installer

Talend Studio Installer is a convenient way of installing your Talend Studio. As it comes with an embedded Java Environment, you can install it without any prerequisites.

Information noteWarning: Make sure that the path of your installation directory and that of your workspace directory contain no space or special characters, which may cause Talend Studio to fail to work because of JVM compatibility issues.


  1. Download the Talend Studio file. Depending on your license, this file is called either or
  2. Double-click the Talend Studio file to launch Talend Studio Installer.
  3. Make the Talend Studio file executable with the following command:
    chmod +x <Talend-Studio>.run
  4. Launch the Talend Studio Installer with the following command:
  5. Accept the License Agreement.
  6. Choose the directory where you want your Talend product to be installed.
  7. Add your license file.
  8. Choose where you want the workspace directory to be located.
  9. Launch the installation.

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