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Installing Tomcat in cluster mode


  1. Install one Tomcat server.
  2. Edit the <ApplicationPath>/WEB-INF/classes/ file.
  3. Uncomment the following lines by removing the hash character preceding the command:
    #org.quartz.scheduler.instanceName = MyClusteredScheduler
    #org.quartz.scheduler.instanceId = AUTO
    #org.quartz.jobStore.isClustered = true
    #org.quartz.jobStore.clusterCheckinInterval = 20000
  4. Share the user-defined Jobs folder and task logs folder with the new Tomcat instance. From Talend Administration Center, in the Job conductor node of the Configuration page, you should use the same folders to store the generated Jobs and the same folders to store the logs. To synchronize these folders, it is recommended to use a file-synchronization tool like Unison to propagate the changes to the two folders, or you should at least use a shared directory to store these folders.
  5. Start Tomcat to deploy Talend Administration Center.

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