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Prerequisites to the Monitoring Server

The Monitoring Server requires a database engine to store Events data. The supported databases are listed in Compatible databases.

The following are the script files corresponding to the databases, run them to configure the database properly. You can find the SQL scripts in the <TalendESBPath>/add-ons/sam/db directory.

SQL script filename


create.sql Apache Derby
create_mysql.sql MySQL
create_oracle.sql Oracle
create_sqlserver.sql SQL Server
create_h2.sql H2 Database Engine
create_db2.sql IBM DB2


  1. Make sure your chosen database is installed properly and is accessible.
  2. Login with a user which has CREATE permissions.
  3. Run the init SQL script for the corresponding database from the table above.
    Information noteNote: If the value of db.recreate property in the is set to true, the init SQL script will be executed automatically when starting the Monitoring Server. However, this is not recommended for any database except Apache Derby running in embedded mode.


You will then find the EVENTS and EVENTS_CUSTOMINFO table have been created in your database.

Now, you can install the Monitoring server either in standalone or as a Feature in the Talend ESB Container.

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