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Selecting the packs


  1. Select the check boxes of the packs you want to install, and then click Next.
    • If you already have a Tomcat application server installed on your machine, and you do not want to re-install it, clear the Apache Tomcat for MDM Server check box.
    • Select Bonita BPM Server to install the Bonita BPM community application together with other selected packs. You can also choose to install the Bonita BPM application manually.
      Note that Talend MDM Bonita BPM Integration is deprecated from the 7.3.1 R2021-06 release onwards. Alternatively, you can use:
      • Data Integration Bonita components, tBonitaDeploy and tBonitaInstantiateProcess
      • API services connected to your Bonita instance
      Information noteNote: There is no change on the Data Integration Bonita components tBonitaDeploy and tBonitaInstantiateProcess.
      If you have any question on the future of MDM Bonita BPM Integration, please contact Talend support.
    • The Talend MDM Application option is grayed out because it is required.
  2. Depending on which packs you install, you are presented with different installation directory windows:
    • If you select all packs, then you specify the installation path in the following window:
    • If you cleared the Tomcat check box, you specify the location of your Tomcat directory and the install path for the MDM files.
  3. Click OK to close the message and proceed to the next step.

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