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Understanding the Talend JobServer clean-up cycle

The Talend JobServer cleans up Job artifacts on a schedule, based on data cleaning parameters. You can customize the Talend Job Server clean-up schedule by changing the parameters in the file, listed under Temporary data cleaning parameters. Configuring these values is optional.

General clean-up frequency

The general clean-up schedule is defined by the FREQUENCY_CLEAN_ACTION parameter. You can disable the general clean-up by setting this parameter to 0.

Job repository and archive clean-up

Job artifacts are cleaned up in the next clean-up cycle when the following conditions are met:
  • The Job is not running.
  • Either the MAX_DURATION_BEFORE_CLEANING_OLD_JOBS or MAX_OLD_JOBS parameter is met.

Job execution log clean-up

Job logs are cleaned up in the next cycle when the following conditions are met:

  • The Job execution is released. A Job is released after 50 Job executions. You can change the Job release frequency by changing the MIN_NUMBER_JOB_EXECUTIONS_BEFORE_RELEASE parameter.

A log without errors is released if the elapsed time since the start of the log is greater than the time defined in the MAX_DURATION_BEFORE_JOB_EXECUTION_RELEASE_NORMAL_CASE and MAX_DURATION_BEFORE_JOB_EXECUTION_RELEASE_ABNORMAL_CASE parameters.

Information noteNote: For each MAX_OLD_* and MAX_DURATION_* parameter pair, whichever is reached first will trigger a cleaning action.

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