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Uninstalling Talend products manually on Linux

If you have any issues when uninstalling Talend products via the uninstall file or your installation is broken, follow the manual uninstallation instructions below.


  1. List all Talend services using the following command: ls -l /etc/systemd/system/talend*.
  2. Stop each service on the list with the command: systemctl stop <service name>. Replace <service name> with the name of the service. For example: systemctl stop talend-tac-7.x.1.
  3. Disable each service with the command: systemctl disable <service name>.

    For example: systemctl disable talend-tac-7.x.1.

  4. Make sure no Talend services are running with the command: ps -ef | grep talend | grep -v grep.

    If Talend services appear in the output, go through the list and kill the services still running with the command kill -9 <pid>. <pid> is the first number of the output for each service.

  5. Delete the installation folder with the command: rm -rf <folder>. For example: rm -rf Talend-7.x.1.


The uninstallation is complete. If you need to reinstall Talend products, refer to the following section: Introducing Talend Installers.

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