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Talend Identity and Access Management RPM configuration parameters (deprecated)


The Talend Identity and Access Management RPM uses a set of parameters to perform the installation.

To use custom values, set up these parameters in environment variables before performing the installation.

Variable Default value Description
TALEND_INSTALL_USER talend This user is set as the owner of base folder for the package. The user is created if missing.
TALEND_INSTALL_GROUP talend This group is set as the owner of base folder for the package. The group is created if missing.
TALEND_INSTALL_SYSTEMD 1 Whether to install SystemD services. Possible values are 0 (false) or 1 (true). Services are created and enabled, but not started.
The following variables are available for packages based on Tomcat:
Variable Default value Description
TALEND_TOMCAT_HOME $(TALEND_INSTALL_PREFIX)/tomcat Base folder of Tomcat which will be used for deployment. It can be provided by Talend (RPM), or a custom Tomcat.
TALEND_TOMCAT_MODE shared Specifies if Tomcat should be used as a master Tomcat (shared) or directly by the current application (direct). Possible values are shared or direct.

Each Talend application relying on Tomcat requires a distinct Tomcat with different settings. The Tomcat RPM package provided by Talend cannot be installed more that once in parallel. For that reason, you must use the shared mode to use it as a master Tomcat, unless you already have installed a dedicated Tomcat for each application. In the latter case, you can use the direct mode.

TALEND_TOMCAT_SETUP 1 (true) if $TALEND_TOMCAT_HOME = ${TALEND_INSTALL_PREFIX}/tomcat or 0 (false) if $TALEND_TOMCAT_HOME != ${TALEND_INSTALL_PREFIX}/tomcat Controls whether to set up Tomcat with its default configuration or not. It must be true if Tomcat is provided by Talend. If Tomcat is already configured with specific parameters, set it to 0.
TALEND_TOMCAT_PORT The default port is different depending on the installed application:
  • For Talend Administration Center: 8080
  • For Talend MDM Server: 8180
  • For Talend Data Stewardship: 19999
  • For Talend Dictionary Service: 8187
  • For Talend Identity and Access Management: 9080
Port used by Tomcat.

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