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Talend Studio Installer Unattended mode available options for Linux

Talend Studio Installer Unattended mode allows you to perform a silent installation using a text file containing all the parameters. It is especially useful for automating the installation processes.
Parameter name Description
--help Display the list of valid options
--version Display product information
--unattendedmodeui <unattendedmodeui> Unattended Mode UI

Default: none

Allowed: none minimal minimalWithDialogs

--optionfile <optionfile> Installation option file


--debuglevel <debuglevel> Debug information level of verbosity

Default: 2

Allowed: 0 1 2 3 4

--mode <mode> Installation mode

Default: win32

Allowed: win32 unattended

--debugtrace <debugtrace> Debug filename


--enable-components <enable-components> Comma-separated list of components

Default: studio

Allowed: studio

--disable-components <disable-components> Comma-separated list of components


Allowed: studio

--installer-language <installer-language> Language selection

Default: en

Allowed: sq ar es_AR az eu pt_BR bg ca hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el he hu id it ja kk ko lv lt no fa pl pt ro ru sr zh_CN sk sl es sv th zh_TW tr tk va vi cy

--prefix <prefix> Installation Directory

Default: /opt/Talend-8.0.1

--installStyle <installStyle> Choose one of the installation style The easy style will install the chosen type without any further questions

Default: easy

Allowed: easy advanced

--installType <installType> Choose one of the installation templates. The Complete type will install all Talend server components with default settings. "Custom" type will allow you to choose the components to install and configure them.

Default: full

Allowed: full client custom

--licenseFile <licenseFile> Full path to the Talend license file. This file must include your Talend license key.


--studioWorkspaceFolder <studioWorkspaceFolder> Workspace directory:


--workspaceFolder <workspaceFolder> Workspace folder


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