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Starting or stopping a Talend SAP RFC Server

You can manually start or stop a Talend SAP RFC Server by running the scripts or batch files in the bin directory.

Talend SAP RFC Server bin directory and its content.


  1. Check to see if the process is running by running the ps command.
    Command line example of running the ps command on Linux.
  2. Set up the Talend SAP RFC Server as a Linux service.

    On Red Hat and Ubuntu, the systemd service is used to start and stop services. You can find the files that control the systemd service in /etc/systemd/system.

    Systemd service files listed in the command line.

    From the example, the sap-rfc file is added and not installed by default. If you want to add your Talend SAP RFC Server, use the following sample service file and ensure to change the paths that suit your installation:

    # SystemD descriptor file for Talend SAP RFC Server
    Description=Talend SAP RFC Server service systemd-journald-dev-log.socket
  3. Open a terminal instance.
  4. Open the command prompt.
  5. Run the following commands (where $TSAPS_HOME corresponds to the directory where the server has been installed or extracted).
    • Run the following commands to start the Talend SAP RFC Server.

      cd $TSAPS_HOME/bin
    • Run the following commands to stop the Talend SAP RFC Server.

      cd $TSAPS_HOME/bin

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