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Basic configuration

Talend MDM allows you to change the basic Hazelcast configuration.


  1. Browse to the <$INSTALLDIR>/conf/mdm.conf file and open it.
  2. Edit the basic Hazelcast settings according to your needs.
    By default, the member discovery mechanism by TCP/IP is configured for Hazelcast. You do not need to list all of these cluster members' hostnames and IP addresses, but at least one of the listed members has to be active in the cluster when a new member joins.
    #Write comma-separated IP addresses, i.e.,,
    The properties are explained in the table below:



    Defines the name of a cluster group.

    Defines the password of a cluster group.

    The password will be encrypted during the MDM server startup.

    Specifies the port that Hazelcast will use to communicate between cluster members.

    Indicates whether to enable the auto increment feature of the port specified by

    According to the above example, Hazelcast will try to find free ports between 5705 and 5805.


    Indicates whether the multicast discovery is enabled or not. Its value can be true or false.


    Indicates whether the TCP/IP discovery is enabled or not. Its value can be true or false.


    Lists IP address(es) of one or more well known members. Once members are connected to these well known ones, all member addresses will be communicated with each other.

  3. Save your changes to the file.

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