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Configuring the proxy properties

Before you begin

  • Shut down the Talend MDM Server.
  • Locate the Talend Data Authoring for MDM proxy properties file:



  1. Open the file.
  2. Locate the variables and replace them with the appropriate values for your installation.
    Variable name Example value Description
    tinstall.iam.url http://localhost:9080 The host and port for the IAM service. http://localhost:8180 The host and port for theTalend MDM Server.
    tinstall.mdm.server.conf.path /C:\Talend\7.2.1\mdm\conf\mdm.conf The URI for the mdm.conf file.
    tinstall.tds.url http://localhost:19999/#/mytasks The URL of the Talend Data Stewardship service.
    tinstall.tdp.url http://localhost:9999/#/home/preparations/ The URL of the Talend Data Preparation service.
    Information noteNote: The value for the tinstall.iam.url variable should be the same value that is used for the property, which is located in the ${TALEND_INSTALLATION_PATH}\iam\apache-tomcat\conf\ file.

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