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Enable SSL for Nexus 3

Information noteNote: For more information on the Nexus directories, see


  1. Copy the keystore file into the $install-dir\etc\ssl folder.
  2. Edit the $data-dir\etc\ file to add the SSL port and the reference to the SSL configuration file.
    # Jetty section
  3. Edit the SSL configuration file $install-dir\etc\jetty\jetty-https.xml for the certificate and password:
    <New id="sslContextFactory" class="org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory">
      <Set name="KeyStorePath"><Property name="ssl.etc"/>/keystore.jks</Set>
      <Set name="KeyStorePassword">password</Set>
      <Set name="KeyManagerPassword">password</Set>

    The path must just be the name of the keystore file (preceded by a slash) as the file must be in a specific directory.

  4. Start Nexus and you can login to Nexus URL using SSL port.

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