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Installing Apache Tomcat as a service on Windows

Before you begin

Before starting this service installation, make sure that you have the following files in the Apache Tomcat installation directory:

  • tomcatX.exe where X refers to the version number of Apache Tomcat;
  • tomcatXw.exe where X refers to the version number of Apache Tomcat;
  • service.bat.

These files allow you to monitor and configure Apache Tomcat services. If you do not have these files, go to the website, download them and put them under the bin folder of your Apache Tomcat installation directory.


  1. Open a CMD window in Administrator mode.
  2. Browse to the bin folder of the Apache Tomcat installation directory, then type in the following command:
    service.bat install


The Apache Tomcat service is created and can be viewed by selecting Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services in the Start Menu of Windows.

To remove the Apache Tomcat service you can enter the following command in the same command window: service.bat remove

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