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Installing external modules in Talend CommandLine

If you use Talend Studio and Talend CommandLine on different machines, you need to retrieve the downloaded .jar files and add them in Talend CommandLine.

Before you begin

  • Make sure your system is configured to show hidden files and folders.
  • Check that the .jar files to be installed have been downloaded.
  • Make sure the <CommandLinePath>/configuration/.m2 folder already exists. This folder is created the first time you start Talend CommandLine.


  1. Shut down your Talend CommandLine if it is started.
  2. Copy the downloaded .jar files from <StudioPath>/configuration/.m2 and paste them into <CommandLinePath>/configuration/.m2, where <StudioPath> and <CommandLinePath> are the installation directories of Talend Studio and Talend CommandLine respectively.
    For more information about installing external modules to Talend Studio, see Installing external modules to Talend Studio.
  3. Restart your Talend CommandLine.
    You can now use the features dependent on these modules.

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