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Installing Talend Data Stewardship in cluster mode

To install Talend Data Stewardship in cluster mode, you need to make some modifications in the <Data_Stewardship_Path>/tds/apache-tomcat/conf/ configuration file.

To perform this installation, you need to install and configure as many instances of Talend Data Stewardship and its dependencies as necessary.

Before you begin


  1. Install a first Talend Data Stewardship instance.
    For more information on the installation procedure, see Installing Talend Data Stewardship manually.
  2. In the <Data_Stewardship_Path>/tds/apache-tomcat/conf/ file, edit the property to specify the hosts and ports of the several MongoDB instances.
    Use the following syntax:<host1>:<port1>,<host2>:<port2>,...,<hostN>
    The hosts and ports for the different URLs must be concatenated, except for the last host, that will inherit the value of the mongodb.port property. For example:
  3. Edit the properties specifying the hosts and ports for the Kafka and ZooKeeper instances.
    In the same way as the MongoDB URLs, the Kafka and ZooKeeper hosts and ports must be concatenated, except for the last port, that is inherited from the dedicated properties.
    Specify also the below peer port parameters which identify the host name with the port number.,host2:9092,host3:9092,host2:9092,host3:9092
  4. To increase the session duration and reduce the risk of unexpected logouts, add the following lines:
  5. Repeat the above steps to install and configure other instances of Talend Data Stewardship.
    Make sure to increment the values for the below parameters at <Data_Stewardship_Path>/tds/apache-tomcat/conf/ for each Talend Data Stewardship instance to have a unique property per instance:
  6. Edit the <Data_Stewardship_Path>/iam/apache-tomcat/clients/tds-client.json files to add the redirection URLs in the post_logout_redirect_uris and redirect_uris fields specifying the load balancer ports.
    Optionally, to access directly one of the Talend Data Stewardship instances add the redirection URLs of the other instances in the fields.
  7. Create partitions for Kafka topics in each Talend Data Stewardship instance:
    1. Launch a Talend Data Stewardship instance. This automatically creates several Kafka topics.
    2. Stop the instance and define the partitions per topics manually. You need to define as many partitions as Kafka nodes.
      For more information, see Kafka documentation.
    3. Restart the instance.


You have installed several Talend Data Stewardship instances and configured them to work in cluster mode.

Information noteNote: If you have a Platform license which includes Talend Dictionary Service, you may want to install it in cluster mode as well. For more information, see Installing Talend Dictionary Service in cluster mode.

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