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Unzip the archive file


  1. First select the servers that will be used to execute the Jobs developed with Talend Studio.
  2. Then, on each server, uncompress the archive file containing the Talend JobServer application matching your version of Talend Studio.
    The archive file name for example reads:
  3. In the uncompressed file you need to configure the file that you can find in the directory <root>\conf where <root> is the Talend JobServer path.
    For example, if you want to change the directory where Talend JobServer stores its data, change the org.talend.remote.jobserver.commons.config.JobServerConfiguration.ROOT_PATH parameter.
  4. Modify the installation directory of Talend JobServer and check that the 8000, 8001, and 8888 ports are available.
    Information noteWarning:
    You may get this warning message when launching the Job Server, it means that the directory does not exist.
    AbstractDataCleaner - pathDir is not a directory

    The directory is used to store the archive file of Jobs sent from the Talend Administration Center or the execution log. This directory will be cleaned from time to time according to the settings in the file <Job Server_install_dir>/conf/

    No action is required, this is an informational warning message. The directory will be created automatically once a task is deployed and sent from Talend Administration Center to Job Server.

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