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Cheatsheet: start and stop commands for Talend server modules

The following table sums up the commands or executables you can use to start and stop Talend server modules.

Talend server module Start command/executable Stop command/executable
Apache Tomcat service for Talend Administration Center net start <TomcatServiceName> net stop <TomcatServiceName>
JBoss service for Talend Administration Center net start "JBoss" net stop "JBoss"
Apache Tomcat service for Talend MDM Server
net start <TomcatServiceName> net stop <TomcatServiceName>
Talend Runtime
<TalendRuntimePath>\bin\trun.bat Ctrl+C
Talend Artifact Repository <ArtifactRepositoryPath>\bin\nexus.exe /run by default or

nexus.bat console for Nexus 2

Talend JobServer <JobServerPath>\start_rs.bat <JobServerPath>\stop_rs.bat
Talend LogServer <LogServerPath>\start_logserver.bat <LogServerPath>\stop_logserver.bat
Talend ESB
tesb:start-demo-all tesb:stop-demo-all
Talend Runtime Container
<TalendESBPath>\container\bin\trun.bat Ctrl+C
Apache ActiveMQ
In Talend Runtime Container:

feature:install activemq

Service Locator
tesb:start-locator tesb:stop-locator
Service Activity Monitoring
tesb:start-sam tesb:stop-sam
Security Token Service
tesb:start-sts tesb:stop-sts

1: The command/executable to use depends whether you installed your Talend product using manual installation or using automatic installation.

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