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Configure LDAP/LDAPS for Talend Administration Center

To set the new Keystore location, edit the JAVA_OPTS environment variable.


To edit the JAVA_OPTS environment variable, add the following lines to your JAVA_OPTS environment variable:<myDirectory>/<myKeystore><myPassword>
In this example, <myDirectory> is the installation directory of your Keystore, <myKeystore> is the name of your Keystore and <myPassword> is the password you have previously defined for your Keystore.
To enable the debug logging of LDAP client, add the following line in the <ApplicationPath>/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.xml file:
<logger name="" additivity="true"> <level value="debug" /> </logger>
Then restart Talend Administration Center and set log threshold to TRACE in the Logs group of the Configuration page.

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