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Configuring the JVM for your Talend JobServer (optional)

Talend JobServer allows you to choose another JVM than the one used by default to run your Jobs.

About this task

For example, you can configure Talend JobServer to start with Java 17 and execute Jobs with Java 11.

To achieve the same results with Talend JobServer installed as a service, see Installing Talend JobServer as a service.


  1. If not done yet, add the path to your Java 11 instance to your PATH environment variable.
  2. Open a command-line terminal and execute the java -version command.
    You should see Java 11 printed, indicating that any Java process starts by default using the Java 11 executable defined in the PATH.
  3. If not done yet, add the path to your Java 17 instance to your JAVA_HOME environment variable.
  4. Go to the directory where Talend JobServer is installed, and open the start_rs.bat file to edit it.
  5. Change set MY_JAVA=java to set MY_JAVA=%JAVA_HOME%/bin/java, ensuring that your Talend JobServer starts with Java 17 defined in JAVA_HOME.
  6. Repeat this operation in the stop_rs.bat file.


The next time you launch Talend JobServer, it will use Java 17 to start and Java 11 to execute Jobs.

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