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Installing the Remote Engine in 'unattended' mode

Before you begin

  • You have downloaded the installer file.
  • You have created the Remote Engine in Talend Management Console.


  1. Write a simple .txt script in which you define the options values.


    • <region> is us, apac, emea, au, azurwest, or eap, according to your Talend Cloud URL.
    • <authkey> is the Remote Engine key generated when you created the engine in Talend Management Console.
    To see a comprehensive list of available options for this file, run <installer-executable> --help.

    This help information is displayed for a limited time of one minute only. If you need longer access, paste it in a text file. Any options that not added to this file use their default values during the installation process.

  2. Launch the silent installation using the <installer-executable> --optionfile <filename> command, where <filename> is the name of the script created in step 1.


    C:\RE-installer\Talend-RemoteEngine-V2.12.9-254-Windows.exe --optionfile C:\RE-installer\unattendedInstall.txt 


The Remote Engine is installed and paired.

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