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Region: AWS US data center

The port of all these URLs is 443.

Their traffic is outbound.

URL Used by Purpose Requirement level Web browser

Remote Engine

Talend Studio

Login to Talend Cloud applications.

Talend Studio needs this URL only when it is running a Job that uses auth0 to connect to Talend Management Console, for example a Talend Data Preparation Job.

Required Web browser Talend Management Console URL. Required

Talend Studio

Task artifact metadata is transferred from Talend Studio to Talend Management Console via this URL. Required Web browser Talend Cloud API Designer URL. Required
https://* Web browser Talend Cloud API Designer API mocks domain. Required
https://* Web browser Talend Cloud API Designer Live Documentation domain. Required

Talend Studio

Remote Engine

When Accelerate Publish is enabled in Talend Studio, Talend Jobs are uploaded to these locations before they are eventually executed.

Accelerate publish makes sense for large Jobs but does not bring significant differences to other Jobs.

Required Remote Engine Used to fetch artifacts stored in Talend repositories on Minio. Required
Remote Engine
URL used to receive the task run logs from a Remote Engine.

Only the Remote Engine V2.11.0 and onwards sends logs to this URL.

Required Web browser Talend Cloud Data Preparation URL. Required Web browser Talend Cloud Data Stewardship URL. Required

Remote Engine

Used to communicate about task runs such as receiving, deploying, or undeploying events, and sending information about task run status and metrics. Required

Remote Engine

Remote Engine Gen2

Used for the initial pairing of the Remote Engine to its tenant. This service also communicates status information about this Remote Engine such as its heartbeats and availability. Required

Remote Engine

Used to create one-time ephemeral URLs that are pre-signed to authorize resource file uploads from the Remote Engine to Talend Cloud. Required Remote Engine Gen2 Used by Remote Engine Gen2 to set up one-time token generation authentication and WebSocket enablement. Required
wss:// Remote Engine Gen2 Remote Engine Gen2 uses this WebSocket endpoint to receive requests to execute pipelines, fetch samples, and compute previews. Required Web browser The Content Delivery Network (CDN) used to store Talend Cloud assets, such as images, .css files and .js files. Required Web browser The Talend Cloud platform portal. Required
Web browser Login pages to Talend Cloud.

When you access the Talend Cloud platform portal, your session is tested via If a session is already open, your access is directly granted; if not, you are redirected to for login.

Required Your third-party applications Used to store your custom webhooks that are configured in Talend Management Console and used by your own third-party applications.

It is required only when an application in your infrastructure uses this endpoint.

Required Remote Engine Gen2 The Docker image to be used is fetched from this site. Required
https://* Web browser LaunchDarkly is a third-party service used to manage the rollout of new features (Feature flipping).

The IP range used by LaunchDarkly is not static and can often evolve. For this reason, a wildcard address is recommended to use in your allowlist.

However, if a wildcard is not allowed due to restrictions of the security policy of your organization, you can get the LaunchDarkly IPs to be used directly from the LaunchDarkly documentation.

https://* All Talend products

Ensures your smooth access to new features or technical evolution of Talend products, by minimizing the necessity for allowlist change on your side when adopting those features or evolution.

The domain is fully secured.


https://* Web browser Pendo is a third-party service used by Talend to better understand the usage of its products and identify usability issues, on an anonymous basis. This service also allows in-product push notifications such as new feature announcements or important surveys. Recommended




Web browser Intercom is a third-party service used to provide in-product chat capability with Talend Support team. Recommended
https://* Remote Engine Gen2

Cloud Engine for Design

URL to reach Data APIs that have been enabled on Talend Data Inventory, Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, or Talend Data Preparation datasets. Required
Talend Studio 8.0
This URL is used by Talend Studio 8.0 if you have applied the 8.0 R2022-01 Talend Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend. Required

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