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Securing Talend Runtime after installation

To secure your Talend Runtime installation, it is recommended to perform the following actions.

Talend Cloud users must install Talend Runtime and the Remote Engine on the same machine. Remote communications are not supported.

  • Change the default Talend Runtime access username and password in the <RuntimeInstallation>/container/etc/ file.
  • Limit the Services to be only accessible as localhost.
    To do this, open the file <RuntimeInstallation>/container/etc/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg and add the property
  • Follow this procedure to configure Talend Remote Engine to use the Talend Runtime access credentials.
  • Restricting JMX to accept only local connections, via localhost.
    To do this, open the file <RuntimeInstallation>/container/etc/custom/properties and set this property.

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