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Enabling a navigation link to Qlik Cloud

As a user with the Subscription - Manage permission, you can create a link to switch from Talend Cloud to Qlik Cloud applications for all users in the domain. Once enabled, you can access Qlik Cloud from the navigation menu in the top bar.

Qlik allows you to easily combine and load data, create smart visualizations and build rich analytics applications accelerated by suggestions and automation from AI.

Before you begin

  • You must have the Subscription - Manage (TMC_SUBSCRIPTION_MANAGEMENT) user permission to view and edit the link in the Qlik Cloud tab of the Configurations page.
  • You must have the Subscription - Manage user permission to enable or disable the link.


  1. Go to the Configurations page.
  2. Open the Qlik Cloud tab.
  3. Enter the URL to your Qlik Cloud tenant.
    For example, https://{tenant}.{region} where tenant is your tenant name and region is your Qlik Cloud region.
  4. Click Apply to save the link.
  5. Turn on the Enable Qlik Cloud toggle.
    The Qlik Cloud tab shows the URL to Qlik Cloud tenant field completed and the Enable Qlik Cloud toggle enabled.

    mycompany is the tenant name and eu is the Qlik Cloud region.

  6. Refresh the page to access it.


You can see the Qlik Cloud item in the navigation menu. Click this menu item to access the Qlik Cloud login page.
The navigation menu shows the new Qlik Cloud item

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