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Checking match results and match details


  1. Go back to the Staging Area Browser page, and click Search to refresh the staging data records of the Customer entity, which allows you to check the results of the match and survivorship process.
  2. Click one newly generated golden record to view its details.
    If the status of a golden record is 205, no Talend Data Stewardship task is created, and in this case, this option is not available for the golden record or its source staging record(s).
  3. Click More... > Match Plan to open the Match Plan dialog box.
    You can check how two similar staging data records are matched and merged according to the match rule.
  4. Click More... > Open Task to go to the associated Talend Data Stewardship task page.
    After one or more tasks are resolved, you have to run the Staging validation again to take into account the record status changes and the record value updates (if any).

    For more information about how to handle merging tasks created by integrated matching, see Talend Data Stewardship Examples.

  5. In the menu panel, click Govern > Data Stewardship to check all the unassigned tasks listed in Talend Data Stewardship.
  6. In the Menu panel, click Browse > Master Data Browser to open the Master Data Browser page.
  7. Select the entity Customer from the list, and click Search.
    You can see that there are new master Customer data records that are the result of merging similar data records according to the match rule attached to the Customer entity.
    If a master data record comes from a golden record, any updates made on the master data record will be synchronized to the golden record in the staging area automatically only if the current status of the golden record is still 205. However, the associated task will remain unchanged.

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