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Deleting a cross-referencing table

You can delete any of the cross-references tables stored on the MDM server.

Before you begin

The MDM server is already launched. You have been assigned the role with Read & Write access to the appropriate data container, data model and the cross referencing menu.
Information noteNote:

Make sure that you have selected:

  • the data container that holds the master data for which you want to create a cross-referencing table,
  • the data model against which the master data will be validated.

About this task

To delete a cross-reference table, complete the following:


  1. On the Menu pane, click Govern - Cross Referencing to open a new page.
  2. From the table list, select the cross reference table you want to delete.
    The selected table opens on the page and the table name is shown in the field.


  3. Click Delete.
    A confirmation message opens.
  4. Click Yes to close the message.
    The selected cross-referencing table is deleted from the page and from the table list.
    Information noteNote: To delete a row from the cross-referencing table, click the icon corresponding to the row you want to delete.

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