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Using Talend Data Stewardship during the integrated matching process


Talend Data Stewardship can be used to handle the tasks generated during the integrated matching process, and the integrated matching process can be broken down into the following sub-tasks:

  1. Identify similar records and decide which values to survive (a process known as "match and survivorship").
  2. Build golden records.
  3. Create or update a task in Talend Data Stewardship for each golden record.
  4. Process any changes to the record following the Talend Data Stewardship task.
  5. Insert or update records in the master database.

MDM performs each of these tasks automatically, based on criteria you have set. Human intervention is only required to act on the task created in Talend Data Stewardship for each golden record, and only for match groups below the confident match threshold.

If a master data record comes from a golden record, any updates made on the master data record will be synchronized to the golden record in the staging area automatically only if the current status of the golden record is still 205. Note that the associated task will remain unchanged.

Information noteNote: If the status of a golden record is 205 after the match and survivorship process, no Talend Data Stewardship task will be created.

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