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Backing up a MySQL database


  1. Execute the following dump command:
    • On Windows: mysqldump -u tisadmin -ptisadmin talend_administrator > c:/<DB_Backuppath>/DumpTalendAdministrator.sql
    • On Linux: mysqldump -u tisadmin -ptisadmin talend_administrator > /home/<DB_Backuppath>/DumpTalendAdministrator.sql
  2. On Linux, if you want to load this back-up file to the talend_administrator database in case of error, use the following command:
    mysql -u tisadmin -ptisadmin talend_administrator</home/<DB_Backuppath>/DumpTalendAdministrator.sql

What to do next

Once the backup is complete, unpause all the tasks in Talend Administration Center.

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