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Upgrading Talend JobServer

Before you begin

Before upgrading Talend JobServer, check the compatibility between the Talend Administration Center application and the existing Talend JobServer in the Compatible execution servers.
Information noteTip: For re-installation, it is recommended to create a new directory and thus to use a new path for your Talend JobServers.


  1. Stop the Talend JobServer.
  2. Back up the Talend JobServer directory, and associated files and folders.
    Backing up the TalendJobServerFiles is optional. During normal installation, this directory is re-created.
  3. Run the Talend JobServer installer.
  4. From your back-up location, move the relevant files and folders to the new directory. If you have manually changed your Talend JobServer installation, you should move the following files and folders into the new directory:
    • config folder (custom configuration information)
    • keystores folder (custom keystores information)
    • log4j.xml
    • TalendJobServersFiles

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