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Benefits of auditing a project

Talend Project Audit helps to enhance a high level of awareness of the quality and effectiveness of the standards and techniques used throughout your projects realized in Talend Studio. It provides information that enhances key areas in your project and thus leads to better realization of future data integration projects.

Talend Project Audit also combines the audit results from your projects stored throughout different repositories. It allows to exploit out more of the obtained information with the aim of getting your own points you see in your decision making process.

The evaluation of obtained information determines if the projects designed in Talend Studio operates effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization's objectives.

This opportunity will lead to quick adoption of best practices to help your organization to apply data integration subsequent projects effectively.

To summarize what has been discussed earlier, possible benefits of auditing a project are:

  • providing statistical information about key concepts in Jobs included in a project,
  • identifying errors and weaknesses, if any, in a project,
  • evaluating the performance of the techniques used in the Jobs included in the investigated project,
  • improving future project performance by avoiding misused processes and techniques.
  • realizing more efficient and effective utilization of your audit data coming from one of your projects,
  • customizing your auditing contents to present the most valuable information for your process-oriented decision support.

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