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Reporting defects and issues

As a Talend customer with a valid support contract, you can contact our Customer Support team using our Online Helpdesk, via In-Product Chat for our Cloud products, or by email at

The following information is often needed and can help us better evaluate your issue:

  • Product and version you are using, including monthly updates if relevant, for example, Talend Data Fabric 7.3.1 R2021-10
  • Operating System, for example, Windows Server 2022 (64bit)
  • Version of Java Platform JDK/JRE in use, for example, ORACLE JDK 1.8.0_161
  • Log files and screenshots

In order to ensure that the support team has sufficient information to help you, please also describe the following:

  • Your actions up to the point when the problem occurred
  • The results you expected
  • How the actual results differ from what you expected
  • The exact timestamp of the issue

Only cases raised through one of the Talend Support channels mentioned above are handled under the Service Level Agreements described in your contract.

In addition, you can also use our community support tools:

You can use Talend Bug Tracker to report product issues and create feature requests, which do not fall under Service Level Agreements.

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