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Data Quality: known issues and known limitations



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Java PSU not supported Talend is only supported on Java CPU Versions, not Java PSU.

Some users reported problems using Talend Studio with Java PSU versions (such as jdk8_u92), but when reverting to a Java CPU Version (such as jdk8_u91) the problem was resolved.

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All Talend on-premises Platform products and Talend Data Fabric

tMatchIndex and tMatchIndexPredict In local mode, these components work for Apache Spark 2.4 only.

They do not work on Databricks.

All Talend Platform and Data Fabric products

tDataEncrypt and tDataDecrypt These components do not work on Databricks with Apache Spark 3.1 and greater.

This issue is fixed from 8.0.1 R2023-01 and onwards.

All Talend Platform and Data Fabric products

tKMeansStrModel and tPredictCluster The Streaming components do not work on Databricks with Apache Spark 3.2.

All Talend Platform and Data Fabric products



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Users with a recent version of Mac OS X may need to update their Gatekeeper settings to install Talend products. Gatekeeper is available from OS X 10.7.5.
  1. Click the Apple icon, and then click System Preferences.
  2. Under System Preferences, click Security & Privacy.
  3. Under Security & Privacy, click the General tab.
  4. Click the lock icon next to Click the lock to make changes, and then identify yourself using the user name and password for an account with administrator rights. Only administrators can change the security settings.
  5. Under Allow apps download from, select the Anywhere radio button then confirm your choice in the dialog box that opens.
  6. Close all windows, so that your Mac automatically locks the Security & Privacy settings for you again.
  7. Install Talend Studio (or whatever other executable you want to install) by following the usual installation procedure.

    Note that, when you double-click the file, you will see a warning saying that it is an application downloaded from the Internet, but if you click Open, your Mac should let you install it without further issues.

  8. Once you have completed the installation process, you can repeat the above steps to return your Security & Privacy settings to their previous value if you want.

All Talend Platform and Data Fabric products

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