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Talend Management Console

New features

Feature Description
Information on artifact version When you publish from Talend Studio 8.0, you can now have information on the artifact version in the artifact details page in Talend Management Console.
Run reschedule details When a Job task or a plan is held in the pending status, Talend Management Console tries to find available engines every four minutes, until its fifth attempt. If no engine is found available by then, this task or plan fails.
You can now hover your mouse on the pending status to explicitly read the progress of these attempts, so as to better monitor your tasks or plans.

This feature does not support the Data Service tasks.

Public API versions

The v1.x Public API has been removed from R2021-11 release.

When migrating your API programs from v1.x to the latest v2.x Public API, you need to update the following endpoints
  • To get all tasks, the GET endpoint has changed from /executables to /executables/tasks
  • To get a task by its ID, the GET endpoint has changed from /executables/{id} to /executables/tasks/{id}
Get started with the latest Public API on https://api.<your_environment>
Talend Cloud Migration Platform The download link for the latest version of Talend Cloud Migration Platform on Talend Management Console now points to Cloud Migration Tools.


Feature Description
Git details of an artifact version
When you get details of an artifact version via API, its Git information is included in the response. For example:
"repository" : {
    "project" : "PROJECT_NAME",
    "branch" : "master",
    "commit" : {
      "id" : "30c248444334093caee40ce849cc2ea478cd8e58",
      "date" : 1630485406822,
      "author" : "user"

Get started with the latest Public API on https://api.<your_environment>

Bug fixes

Some fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description

Task was still in Running status when the logs indicate the task has been executed.

TMC-25208 Enhanced the error message when using Public API to get a task from a workspace with no tasks.

All tasks did not update after a new artifact version has been published.

You can now update tasks not only on Talend Management Console but also via API.

For an example about how to use API to do this, see Getting tasks for which you need to update the artifact version.

TPOPS-2595 The Promotions tab was not displayed in the left panel anymore.
TPOPS-2605 Could not publish from Talend Studio due to the following error:

artifact-manager: failed to publish artifact

TPOPS-2606 Enhanced the reliability to prevent 500 errors when using the Talend Management Console REST API.

Get started with Talend Management Console on Talend Management Console User Guide.

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