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Talend Remote Engine v2.12.4

Talend Remote Engine v2.12.4 is now generally available.

New features

Features Description

Resource consumption monitoring

You can now set the monitoring thresholds on your Remote Engine to trigger errors or warnings when a given resource limitation is reached.

Resource consumption of your engine machine is logged in RE_installation/data/log/statistics.csv. These statistics give you the visibility about the resource consumption level of each Remote Engine.

For further information, see Monitoring the resource consumption on Remote Engine.

Filtering filesystem metrics

Support for filesystem filtering has been added to help you obtain cleaner metrics. You can configure your engine to exclude metrics for the filesystems your are not interested in, such as a virtual or a pseudo filesystem.

For further information, see Filtering filesystem metrics.

Direct deployment

Direct deployment becomes the default and only deployment used by the engine. The related parameter is thus removed, since you do not need to set it anymore.

User impersonation for microservice data services/Routes

New configuration parameters have been added to etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.dsrunner.cfg to enable user impersonation for data services/Routes.

The feature is available to Remote Engine for Linux only. For more information, see Configuring user impersonation for microservice data services/Routes.

New features for security

Features Description
Management endpoints access of microservices The authentication mechanism is now active by default for the access to the following management endpoints of microservices: info, health and jolokia.

For related configuration on your engine, see Basic authentication.

Security enhancements

Issue Description
The Jetty version used by the engine has been upgraded to repair the following vulnerabilities:
  • CVE-2022-2047
  • CVE-2022-2048
TPOPS-4647 The SnakeYAML v1.31 is now used to avoid the following vulnerabilities:
  • CVE-2022-25857
  • CVE-2022-36033
  • CVE-2022-38751
  • CVE-2022-38749
TPOPS-4668 Karaf has been updated to v4.2.16.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
TPOPS-3857 Talend Cloud can now detect and report the Network Time Protocol (NTP) clock synchronization issue between an engine and its cloud infrastructure.

Get started with Talend Remote Engine on Talend Remote Engine User Guide.

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