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New features in Talend Management Console R2022-12

Features Description
Smart task timeout
Availability-noteBeta contentBeta

You can now use smart timeout to define automatically a timeout value for Job tasks.

Smart timeout allows you to terminate automatically a task execution that is running much too long, instead of terminating this run manually.

The threshold is computed based on the previous successful runs of the task. The minimum number of successful runs to be able to compute the threshold is set to 10.

You enable smart timeout from the Engine step when adding or editing a task.
When exceeding the threshold calculated by the smart timeout, the task run terminates and the Timed out status displays in Last 5 runs.

Smart task timeout is available as a beta feature and will be enabled gradually.

For more information, see Enabling smart task timeout.

Middle name You can now add your middle name in the user profile preferences or when creating a user.
Copy/Move tasks and plans You can now copy or move tasks and plans from the Tasks and Plans tabs.
Talend Cloud Migration Platform upgrade

The Talend Cloud Migration Platform has been upgraded to 5.0.0.

  • WebStudio has been released. This lightweight, read-only Web application allows to display the assets of a Talend project (Job, Joblet, Route, and others) similarly to Talend Studio, including the screenshot and context.
  • Project analysis: a new TCMP API has been released to generate Excel spreadsheet with a summary of all the projects analysis metrics. The current TCMP API to automate the project analysis has been improved with the introduction of Batch API.
  • On-premises platform assessment: network topology offers a more flexible way to display the graph.
  • On-premises inventory: all asset lists can now be exported as CSV files.
  • Talend Administration Center to Talend Management Console migration: Talend Administration Center tasks and plans CRON triggers are now supported.
Scheduling threshold

The maximum concurrent scheduled executions per minute have been increased from 50 to 200.

For further information about this kind of limits, see Talend Management Console account limits.

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