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Notable fixes and Known issues in Talend Remote Engine R2023-04

Security enhancements

Issue Description
TPOPS-5872 An Apache Commons Net medium vulnerability has been repaired:
  • CVE-2021-37533

Security has been improved on data transfer between Talend Management Console and Talend Remote Engine. Upgrading your Remote Engines is strongly recommended.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
TPOPS-5334 New parameters have been introduced to mitigate the CPU spike issue that occurs when the job.log.msg.sensitive.hidden parameter has been activated. For more information, see the troubleshooting section in Masking sensitive information in logs

When a Job is run in parallel, some of the log entries from one execution may be written to the log for other executions

TPOPS-5568 After being configured to run in parallel, Jobs are intermittently failing to be deployed on Remote Engine. For further information about how to repair this, see the troubleshooting section in Running tasks in parallel
TPOPS-5678 In an engine cluster, the same execution may be randomly deployed to two engines
TPOPS-5951 Some Jobs take more than 10 times longer to run with Talend Management Console and Remote Engine than with Talend Administration Center and Talend JobServer
TPRUN-5467 Route logs contain entries from other services

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