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New features in Talend Remote Engine R2023-06

Talend Remote Engine v2.12.14 is generally available with more security and utility enhancements.

Features Description
New upgrade procedure

A new easy-to-use mechanism has been adopted to upgrade your Remote Engine without the need to undeploy or redeploy any data service Job or Route tasks currently running on the engine.

For further information, see Upgrading Remote Engine v2.11.8 onwards for data service Job or Route tasks.

Graceful shutdown and reboot The maintenance lifecycle management of Remote Engine has been enhanced with numerous utility features. The following features notably stand out:
  • Graceful shutdown: use the graceful shutdown command to ensure a controlled and orderly shutdown process.
  • Graceful reboot: the graceful reboot helps correctly identify and kill these orphaned processes, when a crashed engine is restarted. This command is for Linux only.
For further information, see Remote Engine maintenance lifecycle management.

Get started with Talend Remote Engine on Talend Remote Engine User Guide.

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